9 Supplements Proven to Help You Overcome Addiction and Withdrawal

And there was a 35% reduction in mood disturbance in hospitalized patients after vitamin C treatment . When I weened off psychiatric medication, I took large doses of vitamin C every day. By large doses, I mean about 10 grams spread throughout the day. And high doses of vitamin C have been shown to increase endorphin levels, decrease opioid use, and reduce the withdrawal syndrome of heroin addicts . And researchers have concluded that magnesium supplementation can decrease nicotine addiction in heavy smokers. Magnesium is one of the three nutrients that I think everyone should be taking for their brain, as most people are deficient.

  • It has long been used as a traditional remedy for a variety of illnesses, including liver damage.
  • It is essential that during recovery you are consuming the right amount of vitamins and nutrients.
  • Patients have found tremendous success in their recovery due to our naturopathic treatments and the ability to help their bodies self-heal.
  • When choosing a supplement, look for one that has both EPA and DHA.
  • Alcohol does not contain the vitamins and minerals that you find in detox supplements.

As has been listed above,, the most important supplementary vitamins for recovering alcoholics and addiction recovery are B vitamins, vitamin C, D, E, magnesium, and calcium. These are the most common vitamins that are lost due to malnutrition caused by substance abuse disorders. These vitamins are also some of the most important to the different functions of the body, and vitamins for recovering alcoholics widely affect almost all systems of the body. In recent years, the word “detox” has come to mean cleansing the body from everyday “toxins” by sticking to a special diet and even avoiding food altogether. But in the true medical sense,detoxificationis a process that the body undergoes naturally when removing harmful substances like drugs and alcohol from your system.

Fatty Acids and Amino Acids

I was happy to discover there is a lot of research on this subject which made my job a lot easier. I could narrow down the potential products to 20 products and then test which worked best for me. We do not expect glutamine to interact with your medications, it is an amino acid that is abundantly found in most foods. As the article states it is best to begin with a small dose (¼ teaspoon) of Glutamine only twice during each day to allow his body to become adjusted to the amino acid. Taking Glutamine well before dinner is a good idea, so that it can help to extinguish the cravings you get at dinner time.

supplements for recovering alcoholics

DHM also appears to reduce inflammation and fat accumulation in the liver, helping to guard against alcohol-related liver disease. Long-term alcohol use can cause vitamin A levels to fall in the liver, the primary organ that breaks down alcohol and stores vitamin A. This occurs as both substances use similar pathways in the body to metabolize them. For example, their body may become dependent on the alcohol, and their brain chemistry may change. The information we provide while responding to comments is not intended to provide and does not constitute medical, legal, or other professional advice. The responses to comments on fitrecovery.com are designed to support, not replace, medical or psychiatric treatment.

But some vitamins may provide fast relief

IV banana bags typically contain thiamine , folate , magnesium, and a multivitamin dissolved in saline or dextrose. They receive the banana bags moniker from the yellow hue that the thiamine and multivitamin lend to the solution. https://ecosoberhouse.com/ Vitamin B6 deficiencies can lead to heart failure, peripheral neuropathy , and painful dermatitis, which is inflammation of the skin. Learn more about how we integrate nutrition and fitness into our rehab facility.

  • A number of people who go through a traumatic event in life often turn to drinking as a way to cope with the pain.
  • For recovery to be successful, the individual must want to change.
  • Medical News Today has strict sourcing guidelines and draws only from peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and medical journals and associations.
  • I’ll run you through some of the best alcohol withdrawal vitamins and how they help your body recuperate.

If you have been drinking alcohol to excess, be sure to educate yourself about how exactly alcohol causes nutrient deficiencies. B-vitamins are a good place to start for recovering alcoholics, who may have deficiencies in these cofactors needed to produce neurotransmitters and feel-good hormones. Vitamin deficiencies occur alongside long-term substance abuse. Because people lose the ability to lead healthy lives through worsening addiction, many of the things that are typically followed fall to the wayside. Nutrition is one of the major factors that become difficult for those who live chaotic lives due to addiction. Nutritional deficiencies grow worse over time also, and malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies can cause many negative effects.

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Calcium is also extremely important to muscle contractions and neurotransmitter release, and calcium deficiency could result in memory loss. Long-term abuse of alcohol can also cause a B12 deficiency, which can lead to many significant conditions. A B12 deficiency can also be referred to as a cobalamin deficiency and result in fatigue, headache, pale skin, and heart palpitations.

supplements for recovering alcoholics

For those of us living with addiction, being at home has been a catalyst for seeing our struggles more intimately. For some people, without the structure of a routine that confines drinking to weekends and evenings, that means seeing how far we can fall. For others, it means really seeing the connection between our anxiety and depression and the way we eat and drink. I’ve been taking some of these supplements and they are helping a great deal in curbing the cravings for alcohol on a daily basis.

Best Alcohol Withdrawal Vitamins

Its onset is gradual, and results from heavy drinking over a long period of time. Sign up for Jordan’s newsletter and join the 90,000 readers who are using his practical solutions to improve their brain function and mental health. Zinc is an essential mineral for mental health, especially if you struggle with chronic anxiety.

  • LivaTone is an organic liver conditioner containing the liver herbs Milk Thistle, Globe Artichoke, and Dandelion, blended with the amino acid Taurineand Lecithin.
  • We can fill this void with a proper diet and exercise but supplementation can also come in handy to get our levels back to where they need to be.
  • By large doses, I mean about 10 grams spread throughout the day.
  • I took it for multiple years, and I experienced gradual cognitive decline during that time.
  • Heavier drinkers will often have more issues with nutrition than low lever drinkers.
  • Vitamins and minerals can thus help strengthen weak bodies and restore health.

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